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9 March 2017

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16 Mar 2015

Riserva del Conte 2010

Riserva del Conte 2010

A tribute to the first vintage of our Super Tasca.  From the same bushvines, vineyard San Lucio, worked by hand for 70 years with passion. From the same grapes, a blend of Perricone and Nero d'Avola. From the same metod of ageing, in chestnut.  

In the early '50s, a passion for music, travel and good food lead Giuseppe Tasca d’Almerita to experience some of the world’s best wines. His family, in fact, had been cited in agricultural manuals since the 1800ds for their innovative methods towards sustainability, far before the concept became popular.

Thus, even though the idea of making a great wine in the rural hinterland of Sicily might have seemed crazy, Giuseppe's dream to compete with the great French reds was only natural. When he planted Perricone and Nero d'Avola vines "ad alberello" in 1954, he was investing in a future that few Sicilians could have imagine at the time: creating the foundations for the first single vineyard wine. That's how his wine, the 'Riserva del Conte', was born in 1970.