17 Oct 2015

Regaleali Estate

Regaleali Estate

The harvest started on August 14th at the Regaleali Estate and the grapes were picked for the Pinot Noir and the Almerita Rose, followed by the harvest of the Chardonnay and Almerita Brut grapes. The seasonal climate was within the norm till the month of August, the winter was mild and rainy, spring was crisp and the beginning of the summer was warm and dry. The beginning of August gave way to several storms with heavy rain, which were intermittent till the end of October. The weather was very hot and humid in the time between storms.

This weather trend provided the grapes with a healthy hydration, resulting in an increase in production between 10% and 15%, however it made the harvest process difficult. The humidity and heat accelerated the grapes’ ripening process, which allowed to catch up to the late start, but also forced an accelerated harvest to avoid the formation of molds.

After harvesting the Chardonnay grapes, we collected the Sauvignon and Traminer aromatic varieties and the chardonnay grapes for still wines. In the second week of September the harvest of the local grapes, Grillo and Inzolia, while on September 20th there was the Nero D’Avola grape harvest.

The end of September featured the harvest of the Nerello Mascalese grapes for Regaleali’s Le Rose, and the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the San Francesco Vineyard. 

The beginning of October was the ripening period for the more tardive local grapes such as the Perricone used for Guarnaccio, the Grecanico used for Regaleali Bianco and Gerundio, and the Catarratto for Leone and Antisa.