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22 Jan 2008

Mrs. Chris Kuruna said...

“It has been two weeks since we enjoyed the your company, the 'wine adventures' from Berlin and Kate MacGovern with her parents. Thank you for the elegant, gracious luncheon. The wine I savored, and I mean that in a serious way, because I DID savor each taste, was perfect. I'd not tasted Regaleali 'reds in the US. The Nero D'Avola grape was new to me, until this visit. It was all I expected, and more. I believe I have left some of my heart with you and the Regaleali vineyards. The feel of rain, the smell of the fertile soil, the vision of vines hanging low and heavy with ripe grapes will be with me forever..

I was impressed with the self-sustaining cycle of the Tascadalmerita Estate and Regaleali. We ate only what the Estate could produce. You support the small farms around the Estate by buying their grapes, providing income when they might have none. I saw clearly, that being good stewards of the land has made The Estate a magic and nurturing place for many people.

We found Case Vecchie without difficulty. What a charming place to live. What a refreshing way to buy wine... I was enchanted by the big steel vats, from which, with a container of appropriate size, one can buy unbottled wine by the weight? measure? In USA, I will never encounter a fattoria that sells wine as if it is a Staff of Life, as is bread. The wines of Tuscany, Sicily are among the finest I have ever tasted. I will always wish to return and fill a liter at Case Vecchie.”

Mrs. Chris Kuruna, a Tasca d'Almerita enthusiast.