Vines and olives have been part of the Sicilian landscape for at least three thousand years. They go together, sometimes twining into each other as they grow. As well as providing a source of light for the ancients and one of food energy ever since, the olive channels the spirit and flavours of a place, just like wine. Olive trees are everywhere on the Tasca d'Almerita estates, and our oil is a constant presence on our tables, flavouring our moments of rest with its special perfumes.
Its light, clear flavour - subtle yet pervasive - provides a simple accompaniment to just about any dish. Vines and olive trees complement each other through the year: when grapes are being harvested, olives are still immature. Yet by December both wine and oil are ready to delight, nourish and enlighten though the dark winter days. Perfect timing.


Regaleali oil is made from the finest olives selected from groves around the estate, where they flourish side by side with our vines. Olive trees are key factors in our ecosystem, contributing to biodiversity and improving our overall sustainability.


Our olive trees - some of which are several hundred years old - are cultivated in the traditional way, with years of expert pruning keeping branches low enough for the olives to be harvested more easily. We hand-pick the fruit over time, spreading nets beneath to catch any olives which fall, and plucking them from the trees only when they are perfectly ripe. The day they are picked, the olives are taken to be cold-pressed at our Valledolmo olive mill. The oil then stands in large jars over the winter, to allow residue to settle. In March, as the winter draws to a close, we bottle the oil without filtering it. Not all our olives are pressed for oil: some go straight to our cooks who steep them in brine, for excellent black and green eating olives.


The majority of our olive trees are Nocellara and Biancolilla varieties, with the former more suited to being turned into eating olives. Our collection also contains Ogliara, Giarraffa, Rizza, Piricuddara, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Coratina trees. Regaleali's altitude and particular microclimate means yield varies sharply from high to low producing years.

Characteristics and tasting

The microclimate on the Regaleali estate enhances the characteristic flavours of oil produced predominantly from Nocellara and Biancolilla olives. Ripe tomato and rosemary dominate but there are hints of white truffle and artichoke, plus a slight spiciness when the oil is still young.


Sicilian tradition mixes olive oil with just about everything, and we stick to this: we drizzle it over soup with macca fava bean purée, grilled meat, and salads picked from from our vegetable garden. And we use it to fry our legendary panelle chickpea fritters.