Like our land, our hospitality is sacred.

For the Tasca d'Almerita family, hospitality is a prime element in our age-old culture of courtesy. Above all, it gives us a chance to meet, chat and interact with travellers from a host of different countries and cultures – a fantastic opportunity for expanding our world view. We feel this so strongly that our family has always devoted itself to providing hospitality: not as a job, but as a way of being and becoming. No less importantly, we are so in love with the places where we work that our desire to share them with others, even for brief stays, comes naturally. We offer hospitality at Regaleali, Salina and Capofaro Malvasia & Resort.
The Sallier de La Tour estate

To sleep at Sallier de La Tour

The family seat of one of Palermo's oldest noble families, the Sallier de la Tour estate lies in the valley beyond Portella delle Ginistre, the gateway through the Conca d'Oro mountain chain and towards Sicily's south coast. The estate is protected on its north side by mountains, and open on the south, where gentle hills roll all the way to Sciacca on the south coast. This is an agricultural place, where sheep graze in territories steeped in ancient traditions, a world away from Palermo's cultural charms. The nearby town of San Giuseppe Jato marks the beginning of Sicily's deep heartland, full of places to discover and love.

We do not provide accommodation at our Sallier de la Tour Estate but we will be more than happy to help you with suggestions for alternative lodgings, to ensure that your visit can be fascinating and relaxing.


To taste at Sallier de La Tour

The gastronomic traditions of Palermo and Monreale make themselves felt strongly in the area around the Sallier estate. Grapes and olives are the main crops here, but almonds are also important to the local economy, as are the sheep which are driven up to the surrounding mountaintops to graze. Ten kilometres away in a splendid position overlooking a lake, the village of Piana degli Albanesi produces cheeses which are famous throughout Sicily. The cakes and sweets made with creamy ricotta cheese are spectacular.


Contact Sallier de La Tour

The Sallier de La Tour estate

Contrada Pernice - 90043 Camporeale (PA)

Tel. +39 091 645 9711


Arrive at Sallier de La Tour

Sallier de la Tour can be reached easily from either Palermo or Trapani airports; call us for detailed instructions on how to get to the estate. Once here, you will find yourself immersed in 135 hectares of Syrah vineyards.