Like our land, our hospitality is sacred.

For the Tasca d'Almerita family, hospitality is a prime element in our age-old culture of courtesy. Above all, it gives us a chance to meet, chat and interact with travellers from a host of different countries and cultures – a fantastic opportunity for expanding our world view. We feel this so strongly that our family has always devoted itself to providing hospitality: not as a job, but as a way of being and becoming. No less importantly, we are so in love with the places where we work that our desire to share them with others, even for brief stays, comes naturally. We offer hospitality at Regaleali, Salina and Capofaro Malvasia & Resort.
The Tascante estate

To sleep at Tascante

This enchanted land on the slopes of Mount Etna – its black volcanic sands contrasting sharply with the deep greens of the nearby Alcantara Gorge – exudes a strange energy. It has long been considered prime grape-growing territory, producing wines reminiscent of those of Piedmont and Burgundy. Located in a chestnut wood at an altitude of 750m, within the Etna nature reserve and surrounded by ancient lava flows, our estate here sits in one of the world's most unusual ecosystems.

We do not provide accommodation on our Tascante estate but are more than happy to help with suggestions for alternative lodgings to ensure that your visit to the slopes of Etna is fascinating and relaxing.


To taste at Tascante

The altitude of the north-facing slopes of Etna, coupled with its volcanic soil, make the fruits of the earth here very special indeed. Grapes, pinenuts and chestnuts take on a particular pungency; stroll through our terraced lands and you'll soon become aware that the wild herbs – rosemary, mint and parsley – are extraordinarily perfumed. Explore the streets of our nearest town, Randazzo, and you'll find bread made in the time-tested way, with slow-rise dough from a sourdough starter, baked in a wood-burning oven; there's extra virgin olive oil, local cheeses and cured meats from this area and from the Nebrodi mountains to the north; and of course there are Sicily's famous cakes and biscuits. The area around Tascante offers many traditional restaurants – from simple to more sophisticated – with a huge range of specialities to explore and appreciate.


Contact Tascante

The Tascante estate

Contrada Boccadorzo and contrada Sciaranova - 95036 Randazzo (CT)

Tel. +39 091 645 9711



Arrive at Tascante

The most convenient airport for Tascante is Catania. Take the link road from the airport to the A18 Catania-Messina motorway and take the A18 north past Catania towards Messina; exit at Fiumefreddo (28km) and follow signs for Randazzo. Before you reach Randazzo, once you have passed through Passopisciaro, call Tascante for directions.