Let's cultivate a sense of responsibility.

Sustainability means working with the environment in such a way that we bequeath our children a world that's even better than our own.
It won't just happen: you have to work at it – with science, technology and organisation.
We do it because we know that – like anything you're passionate about and practised in – a sense of responsibility will bear fruit.

Come back down to earth!
Let's make agricultural multi-functional again.

SOStain is a programme of sustainability for firms which sets out to deal with company choices in an organic fashion in order to channel them towards increased sustainability. The aim is to achieve eco-sustainability in agriculture, starting with our most important national produce: grapes. This is a self-regulated, pro-active scheme to reach our goals through positive actions both in the short term and in the mid-to-long term, bringing together elements essential for development: whether social, economic, ethical or enviromental, these will lead to a phased process of sustainability at ever-higher levels, engendering and promoting continued eco-aware behaviour.
At the basis of this concept lies a re-evaluation of agriculture's basic functions: safeguarding and maintaining our territory; protecting our landscape, flora and fauna; mitigating adverse effects on our natural surroundings; preserving biodiversity; creating spaces for recreation and appreciation of our natural treasures; and conservating traditions. These functions consume and produce renewable and non-renewable resources which are for the public good and should be cherished and made to last. Using resources in a sustainable way, implementing them and giving them a long life are the goals of our programme: any business which reaches these goals receives a sustainability certificate: SOStain.
Report 2015