Let's cultivate a sense of responsibility.

Sustainability means working with the environment in such a way that we bequeath our children a world that's even better than our own.
It won't just happen: you have to work at it - with science, technology and organisation.
We do it because we know that - like anything you're passionate about and practised in - a sense of responsibility will bear fruit.

A garden of delights,
season after season.

There's a long tradition of vegetable growing in the Tasca family. At Regaleali our vegetable garden is right in front of the Case Nuove farm villa and it's a garden of Eden for the palate. Season after season it delights, with every imaginable vegetable, each planted at the right moment and alternating according to the ancient know-how of our local farm workers. There are roses too, which beautify the tables set in the salon of the baglio (farm villa).
We'd be lost in the kitchen without the vegetable garden, with its abundance of produce. Year after year our farmers grow typical local vegetables, each of which is particularly suitable for our land and climate.