Tasca d'Almerita

Matured over 200 years.

For two hundred years one great family has tended this land lovingly and expertly, constantly seeking ways to render our task more pleasurable.
Our love for these extraordinary Sicilian places has led us to labour to ensure that they are bountiful, and to express and exalt this culture and territory.

Our Cuisine

"Welcome to my gourmet kitchen at Regaleali, or more precisely, here in the Case Vecchie complex. Here I practice traditional Sicilian cooking, a kitchen that has always been highly appreciated in our family. I am committed to search for ingredients and historical recipes that are often disregarded and forgotten; it has become a passion that always keeps me busy, for example I often approach old ladies to hear with great curiosity what products they used to spread and dry on roof tiles, or how they washed the grain to make "cuccìa", or how they once salted fresh anchovies... My recipes are simple; the ingredients of our beautiful island are very flavourful and you don't need fancy procedures to make a tasty dish. French cuisine has taught us a lot, but in my opinion it is too elaborate for our ingredients."
Anna Tasca Lanza