Tasca d'Almerita

Matured over 200 years.

For two hundred years one great family has tended this land lovingly and expertly, constantly seeking ways to render our task more pleasurable.
Our love for these extraordinary Sicilian places has led us to labour to ensure that they are bountiful, and to express and exalt this culture and territory.

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The origins of Villa Camastra (now Villa Tasca) go back to the middle of the 15th century. Located in Palermo's historic center, it is one of the most striking residences in Sicily. Surrounded by profuse and varied flora and fauna, including palms, almond trees, and acacia, it was first a hunting lodge, and because of this was transformed to a holiday home. A unique and enchanting place, the Villa has always hosted famous personalities, such as Wagner (the composer), who visited many times and composed the third act of "Parsifal" here in 1881. This green oasis, which was planted to vines, became one of the oldest wine cellars in the region. Their first red wine was well-received in important restaurants in Europe and abroad. However, with the beginning of the urban expansion in the 1900s, the production was reduced and the cultivated area around the Villa which was dedicated to wine production was transferred to the Regaleali Estate.