The Sallier de La Tour estate

Syrah production has spread through the hotter regions of Europe, but few areas offer such a perfect terroir for this wine as Monreale's DOC zone, where Tasca d'Almerita has joined forces with Sallier de la Tour, to create a model company and a great brand – the name of ancient nobility with its family seat in wonderfully fertile wine-producing lands. A perfect blend of climate and soil types yield an elegant, well balanced wine with just the right amount of tannins, and hints of black pepper, blackcurrants and blackberries – wines with all the hallmarks of fresh, hilltop terroir alongside all the dark subtleties of wines of the south.
The estate, which occupies 135 hectares in the Jato valley, has been linked to wine since the second half of the 19th century. We now have 50 hectares planted with autoctonous and international vines which live happily side by side in this terroir. And at our splendid La Monaca winery – a facility that was technologically advanced when it was designed in the 19th century by Antoine De Fry – the grapes perform to the highest standards.
45 hectares of vines
250 meters above sea level
Average temperatures